About the Company

Flying-Yachts Inc, is the brainchild of renowned aviation designer and pilot Hokan Colting.  In 1988, Colting founded 21st Century Airships, a highly successful company he ran until its sale in 2009. The firm was a world leader in powered, lighter-than-air aircrafts.  Among their achievements, Colting and co-pilot Tim Buss, set the world record in altitude for helium airship flight (6,234 meters). Colting and his team also designed and manufactured 14 unique airships, including the innovative examples seen below.


This spherical airship is powered by four engines and highly maneuverable. It maintains its shape through continuous positive pressure to the envelope. It is also, incidentally, the world's largest soccer ball!








The cockpit of the spherical airship. Pilot and passenger are seated within this igloo during flight.




This "Bullet" airship is a radical departure from the traditional airships of the 20th century. Among the improvements:

* Pilot and passenger are located within the hull instead of an external gondola

* Vectored engine thrust provides steering and altitude control - rather than rudders and elevators









Colting and his team now focus on their revolutionary new craft, the Flying Yacht.

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